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Take a course, it relates to the design, construction, construction, construction machinery, it relates to the development of grass, underground pipe network and other industries. A player to play, the need for balls, clothing, play more people, and promote the development of golf supplies. The other is a very important advertisement, because more and more people pay attention to the sport of golf, golf business find through support, support the golfer, won the naming rights, can bring great business opportunities. About 2001, golfer Tiger ” “ personal annual income of more than Jordan, has reached $about 17000000, of which advertising revenue reached 9 million 800 thousand, the United States PAG naming rights for more than 8 million dollars. The tennis game comes down to 60 thousand to $70 thousand. Then the TV broadcast, the golf industry is also a huge push. In the early 50s, the United States for the first time the use of television technology to broadcast golf. Golf broadcast is one of the most difficult relay, it should be in the range of 7000 yards, in the sea, woods, mountains track the trajectory of a small ball, the difficulty is very large. In 50s a ball the audience only tens of thousands of people, and now, a global broadcast, the situation is quite different, there are tens of millions of people simultaneously watch, great business opportunities.